Towards Autonomy Perception Library (TAPL)
Towards Autonomy Perception Library (TAPL)

Goal of this library is to provide an easy and quick way of implementing perception pipelines.


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Examples of Perception Task

Visual Odometry for a sequence of Monocular camera images

This example is provided at examples/src/monoVO.cpp. It uses a sequence of monocular images to perform visual odometry and build sparse point-cloud. This functionality is provided as an API and can be accessed using the function: tapl::cve::computeRelativePose().


  • Read images and push into a ring buffer.
  • If more than one image is available in the buffer then:
    • Perform keypoint detection and matching.
    • Compute essential matrix.
    • Compute relative pose (R, t)
    • Triangulate good keypoints for which a match is found.
  • Compute global pose from this relative pose.

LiDAR Object Detection

This example is provided at examples/src/lidarObjectDetection.cpp. It reads in PCD point-cloud files, performs downsampling, ground-plane segmentation, and clustering, and then some post-processing filtering to get 3D Bounding-Box of objects.


  • Load point-cloud data.
  • Downsample point-cloud (voxelization).
  • Crop the point-cloud based on a region of interest.
  • Segment out ground-plane using RANSAC.
    • For n iterations:
      • Choose 3 random points.
      • Fit a plane using least-squares.
      • Count number of inliers within a certain distance threshold between each point and plane.
    • Choose the plane that resulted in maximum number of inliers.
    • Implemented as part of class tapl::pte::Plane().
  • Perform Euclidian Clustering within the segmented point-cloud.
  • Filter and Extract the bounding-boxes.

Panaromic Image Stitching

This example is provided at examples/src/panoramicStitching.cpp and this functionality is implemented as tapl::cve::stitchPanaromic().


Image Feature Detection and Tracking

This example is provided at examples/src/kptsDetectionAndTracking.cpp and this functionality is implemented as tapl::cve::detectAndMatchKpts().


RANSAC for line and plane fitting

  • C++ implementation of RANSAC for line and plane fitting using both SVD and least-square methods are provided as part of class tapl::pte::Line() and class tapl::pte::Plane().
Line Fitting using RANSAC Plane Fitting using RANSAC


  • CMake >= 3.5
  • OpenCV >= 4.1
  • PCL >= 1.2
  • Eigen >= 3.2

Installation Instructions

  • Download the library.
1 git clone
  • Build and install the library as follows.
1 mkdir build
2 cd build
3 cmake ..
4 make
5 sudo make install
  • Build the examples as follows.
1 cd examples
2 mkdir build
3 cd build
4 cmake ..
5 make


TAPL is a free open source platform. Any contribution to this platform is welcome and appreciated.